Run with Real Heroes for Fit India

Indian Territorial Army & the Athletics Federation of India have partnered together to organise the first ever official National Marathon of India starting from the year 2018 onwards. The Marathon will be named as “Territorial Army & Athletics Federation of India Run (TAAFI RUN)”. This marathon will be organised on 2nd October every year as part of the raising day celebrations of the Indian Territorial Army (an integral part of the Indian Army) and which is also called as the Citizens’ Army.

The Athletics Federation of India has planned to recognise this marathon as pre- requisites for top Indian athletes to qualify participation in all international marathons to represent India. Indian Territorial Army (ITA) and Athletics Federation of India (AFI) will endeavor to bring this annual event at par with international standards.

Half Marathon

21.1 Kms

Long distance Race

10 Kms

Citizen-Soldier Run

5 Kms


To foster and promote distance running throughout India.

To identify the best long distance runners in India.

Creating and giving exposure to the elite runners of India.

To work with international and national associations on all matters relating to the promotion of this marathon

To exchange information, knowledge and expertise among various partners associated with this marathon.

To promote and facilitate development of athletics in the Indian Armed Forces and to create its awareness among the citizenry of India.

To raise awareness among our citizens about the Indian Territorial Army (an integral part of the Indian Army) which also popularly known as the “Citizens’ Army”.

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